You are their world

Dads are an equally important parent in every aspect of their child's life. The best Dads are happy and involved.

We are dads

Just like you, we're a group of dads who want the best for our children and our families. We understand that it can be tough to balance work and family life. We do not think you should have to choose between the two.

What kind of dad do you see yourself as?

There is so much commentary on what it means to be a good father. Much of this can create all sorts of confusion. We're all from different places and have different values, all of these things define the uniqueness we bring to our fatherhood.

Dads and children of all ages

No matter what age you started fatherhood or how old your children are, you can enjoy your role of fatherhood in an manner that's relevant to you, your child and family.

Why are we doing this?

Fathers are a key to a healthy family. The health and ability for fathers to be according to how they see this role is very important.

A lot changes for a man who becomes a father; friendships, personal time, skills, perspectives. While it's good to be able to navigate these things yourself, it can be valuable to acknowledge where peer support might make things easier.

If you are, or will soon be father, then we're here if you want to join us. While we've all got a very important role in the lives of our children, ultimately we're just a group of men who want to be the best we can for ourselves and our families, and if something's not quite right, we all know there are others can turn to for whatever help we might need.

Our Supporters

Maternal & Child Health Team

We have the support from some very dedicated maternal and child health (MCH) nurses and support officers. These are the people who your child and your family might be see on scheduled MCH appointments and they are very committed to supporting us dads.

Dads Group Inc.

Dad’s Group Inc (DGI) is a not-for-profit community organisation committed to connecting new Dads. It was founded in 2014 when Tom and Kate Docking had their first child and realised just how little support existed for fathers. We're very fortunate to have their support, we exist for the same reason they do.

Our Team

Stephen Zuluaga

I'm the proud father of two beautiful girls, when I became a dad in 2014 I wanted to get involved in parenting with my wife. I restructured my career so I could be fully involved in my new family life. I believe it's important that every dad can find themselves in their role as a father and there needs to be much more support for dads who want the balance that's right for him.

Ciaran Roche

I have the privilege of being a dad to my son, Connor. I take resolve and encouragement from my wife as a partner and friend, I also found the need to find other dads who are dealing with these new challenges a child brings. Being part of a Dads group has brought the need for blokes to share, reflect and bond as a team into focus for me. Men's approaches differ when dealing with mental health, work life balance and parenting generally.


We're a young group and we get together for the benefits of all dads. We still need a bit of help getting things organised. If you're passionate about yours and others' roles as fathers, your support in whatever way suits you would be most appreciated.

Want to find out when we're meeting next?

Use the form below to send us a message or find out where we're meeting up next. It will most likely be in the Glen Eira area.

Our Location

We're a community of fathers who are mostly based in Glen Eira.

Find out more about where we meet and what we do at our events page.


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