Bring yourself and your kids

Our events are simple, just come along with your kids and meet other dads. Sometimes we might have someone come in and join us if they have something to share that's relevant to dads, other times we'll just find ourselves a local park and catch up.

Our events are informal, you can just turn up when it suits you, meet other dads, introduce your kids to other kids.

Everyone's schedule is different

There's no such thing as a normal schedule for parents. Some of us work the 7 to 3, the 9 to 5 or whenever our businesses need us, some of us are the primary stay at home parent and some of us do a mix of all those things.

We've created a number of schedules for events, some during the week and some on the weekend. If something suits you, you're very welcome come along.


4th Thursday, Monthly, 2018


Where: Multi Purpose Room @ Glen Huntly Maternal and Child Health Centre


  • Thursday 25th January
  • Thursday 22nd February
  • Thursday 22nd March
  • Thursday 26th April
  • Thursday 24th May
  • Thursday 28th June
  • Thursday 26th July
  • Thursday 23rd August
  • Thursday 27th September
  • Thursday 25th October
  • Thursday 22nd November


Saturday in 2018


Where: Multi Purpose Room @ Glen Huntly Maternal and Child Health Centre


  • Saturday 13th January
  • Saturday 10th February
  • Saturday 3rd March
  • Saturday 14th April
  • Saturday 5th May
  • Saturday 2nd June
  • Saturday 7th July
  • Saturday 11th August
  • Saturday 1st September
  • Saturday 13th October
  • Saturday 10th November
  • Saturday 8th December


Parks and Public Places around Glen Eira

Maybe Thursdays and Saturdays don't suit you or you just want to catch up more frequently and check out the local area with other dads.

We also catch up at local parks and other places from time to time, to find out when these catch ups are taking place you can join our mailing list.

Find out more about us and join our mailing list by filling out the form at the bottom of the about page.

Have you got any ideas for where and when we could catch up? We're keen to hear from you.